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Pain Free/No Needle

Hyaluron Pen Lip Augmentation

From £89

Using the Hyaluron pen and Revolax filler, it is now possible to achieve lip augmentation, pain free.

Two of the most common questions asked are:


1. What is the difference between filler using a syringe and filler using the hyaluron pen?

As can be seen below, the no-needle pen allows us to evenly distribute the filler, allowing for a more even and natural looking result, without any hard lumps and over filling in particular areas.

2. What is the difference between Revolax filler and fillers I've heard of, using needles?

Revolax is used in both standard needle augmentation and by using the pen, it doesn't alter the lonjevity or result.  It's just a different way to administer it.  Hyaluron Pen treatments cause less trauma to the tissues and this in turn creates less risk associated with fillers.

Price List

Deposit: £50.00 - Used towards the cost and delivery of your filler

0.5ml: £89 (£39 bal to pay)

1.1ml: £149 (£99 bal to pay)

£79 for each 0.5ml over 1.1ml

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