Botched Ink® Saline Removal

Botched brows are no longer a sentence to endure and there is hope! (Photos below)


At Penny Lane, we provide an alternative to Laser treatments, for the lifting of permanent or semi permanent brows.  It's no more or less effective than a laser, but just another option - with the added benefit of being able to

numb the treatment area beforehand.

Pigment lifting / removal is a process, whether you choose laser or saline, and cannot be attained

in one session.  The number of sessions will depend on:

  • The type of ink/pigment originally used

  • The depth of the pigment when originally placed

  • The colour/s in the original treatment

  • Whether the tattoo is made up of outlines, or filled/heavily shaded areas 

If you'd like an effective removal treatment with the added bonus of less pain, Botched Ink® Saline Removal is the treatment for you!

Saline removal draws pigment out from under the skin and forms a light scab/flaking on the surface of the skin, which then comes away, to reveal your faded result.  The amount of sessions required, varies between client, skin type and the points above.  Some clients can have as few treatments as three in total, but we'll know more and be able to narrow down your personal requirements, after your first session and the results you've attained.

It is essential that you also use your free aftercare pack, in order to ensure the best results possible, and provide your skin with all it needs during the healing process.  Aftercare prevents scarring, retains natural moisture levels, and promotes natural re-pigmentation of the treated area after removal.  

£30 Consultation Deposit required. £60 per session. Aftercare Pack inc.

Immediately Prior to first treatment to lift/remove semi perm brows (Not my work)
Just 7 hours later!


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