Scalp Micropigmentation:

Prices start from just £150

A fast and permanent solution for thinning or balding hairlines.  Treatments create density at the roots of thinning hair,

and foliclar growth in bald areas.

Treatment in brief: 

Over the course of two or three sessions, pigment is delicately placed under the skin surface of the scalp.  Thousands upon thousands of tiny dots, which create the illusion of thickness to thinning hair, or will re-create hairlines or density to bald areas.  These treatments are more affordable, guaranteed to work and permanent, unlike hair transplants, which sometimes fail and can cause scarring at the harvest site.

Treatments will only be undertaken when you are happy to go ahead.  At Penny Lane, we provide a private and discreet treatment room and two consultation stages, to ensure you are completely at ease with what you would like, what you can expect, and that nothing will happen for which you haven't given consent.  It is the aim at Penny Lane to create smiles.


Mesotherapy (Scalp)

£59 per session

Mesotherapy promotes growth, strengthening and thickening of natural hair.  Penny Lane uses proven 'Clinicare - Hair Energy' for growth stimulation using micro-needling, with transdermal infusion.  In other words, the serum is placed under the top layers of the skin with micro-needles, and this provides the hair with everything it needs to promote active and thicker growth.  It is unable to make hair grow back where it has already been lost but it will stop further hair loss and thicken what exists, to create a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Treatment plan:  6 Appointments, 7-10 days apart with one maintenance session suggested bi-annually, to ensure your hair does not return to what it was - or continue to recead - prior to you undertaking your treatments.  Effects will be noticeable within weeks, and full achievable results after 6 months, which your maintenance session will retain.


In some cases, Micropigmentation and Mesotherapy treatments, work hand in hand with one-another, or in their own right, depending on your personal requirements.  One or both will help for many conditions which include (but not restricted to):

- Thinning/fine hair - Baldness - Alopecia - Scarring

- Is Scalp Micropigmentation, Mesotherapy or both, best for me, and how long does it take?

This depends entirely on each person.  It is very personal, based on your needs, your condition/hair loss and your expectations for finished result.  This will all be covered in a free 'mini consultation'.

Does it hurt?

Micropigmentation isn't too bad.  Some areas are worse than others, but I have numbing cream if you need it.

Mesotherapy hurts more.  Its more invasive than micropigmentation, but numbing cream is applied where necessary

- Why do you charge less than most?

At Penny Lane, we don't believe that the client should pay for hidden costs.  Creating smiles is most important.  I'm a working mum and simply wish to earn enough to support my family.  I also own my business, so I cant hide behind management or a company name.  I am my business, so I have a drive to work my hardest and do my very best for every single client.

- How much will my treatment cost and do you offer credit?

Your treatment will be individually priced, based on your goals and treatment area size.  Your free 'mini consultation' will provide all of the details, with no obligation to continue.  If you would like to go ahead following your mini consultation, Debit/Credit card payments are accepted.  You can also choose to pay by bank transfer, via PayPal or PayPal Credit, which is interest free for four months (subject to credit checks and acceptance).  Pre-payment schemes are also available upon request.  Prices are calculated using the 'Norwood-Hamilton Scale of male pattern baldness'.



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